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The TimeTunnel of GAIA Embassy:

Hey Starkid on Mother Earth Gaia in the 5. Year of New Age after the Mayyan Calendar and Flowerkid of New Time Spirit!On this last Planet in this Orbit after the bloody Trauma of Worlds-Wars of Prae-History!Between the cold frozen Warriorplanet Mars and hot burnt Love Planet Venus now on the old Jail of Brain Police: and Neptun´s Home, the Mother Earth GAIA,!Space Ship Terra, from Erra (old Mother Planet between Mars and Jupiter / now only Asteroidcycle and Sister Moon Diana!).

SpaceTimeEnergy Continuum: Specificum Now + Here,Logbook of "Spaceship" Terra;, from Erra:Summer 21.06.2013 - :21.12.2020= 6. Year of NEW AGE

while from the oldest middlegalactic Black Hole/ Sunlightstream around 2011 till End of 2013 fom the dematerialsating "Black Mother" after Mayan Philosophy) into the Transformation of the Materialism to the next Swift and new Turn around of our Galaxy,and while the decieding Times of this new (10.thies) Decade and Century of New Millenium Energy and Death of Love Parade after the old bloody Dream and Trauma of Praehistory;into the green Dream of "COSMIC TIME JUMP 2013" to jump into the next Dimensionsstream (4.+5.),and while more and more Suneruptions Activity of Brother Sun Helios with the Highpeak around End of 2013 !! Together with the silly daily burnt Oilfilm of the Jumbo´s Acid Rain and more and more Vulcon Ash.Rain.. Mother Earth cry to You to help Mother Earth and to activate the !!! "Cosmic Future Music Project with the ecosocial Self Development Context into the healing W "FLOWER POWER" and Woodstock Generation for the NEW MILLENIUM and be an Friend of soft !!!!!!!!!! Live-, Love- + Ur Energy for more free Love, free Energy + free Society!!! Instaed to hold on the deeper hard Energy of nuclear Industry and Handy´s

Come to Gaia Embassy´s "TIME-TUNNEL"! And fly to theTimetrip into the Time Spirit of NEW AGE of the: "Cosmic Time Jump 2013/4"