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Meine Musik

Hey! Star Flower Kid of NEW AGE !!After the "Death of LOVE PARADE!!!Do You want to help Mother Earth GAIA with the :Flower Power of New Millenium for free LOVE, ENERGY and SOCIETY ?!And introduce You to create the healing Rock´n Roll of Living Architecture Musicality with International Energy /Earth Acupuncture LAND ART and Live+ Powerplace- Biotop Network Contnuity and visit now the GAIA BLUES BAR with the TIMETUNNEL : "2013" (inYoutube/gaiaembassy)of GAIA EMBASSY through the "TV MAN" of Clearing off Art about : HEAL ARTS You will see more Clearing off Art Music Clips about Heal Art in: www.myspace/youtube/com/gaiaembassyand more informations about me in my Homepage of orgonpsychologic Laboratory:

Meine Musik bzw. GAIA BLUES BAR:

And the "forgotten" Holy Stones were the First Rolling Stones and Earthacupuncturetool of Future and Prae History,where the Life-, Love- and Ur- Energy of Universe. Come Down; "Like a Rolling Stone"