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Über mich

VG´s Psy.- LAB. presents the: "COSMIC TIME JUMP; "2013" Part One/1: The Old Time of Live

As an old and new (2. Study) borderlandscientical Heathscience Student and Researcher on University Bielefeld / BI and as Brother of Future with the cosmicFuture Music Project, I´m here to help Mother Earth as Cosmic or better as GAIA BLUES Musician with the international Energy Land Art Continuity and as Ambassador of the living Rock´n Roll Architecture Musicality with ecosocial Selfdevelopment Context of the DOME: GAIA EMBASSY from the GAIA NETWORK COMPANY through the VG´s psychologic Practise and creative Orgon Laboratory of holistic Psychology and Orgonomy about the Clearing off Art of Heal Arts and the Holistic Trauma-Drugs and Nourishment Consultation and the five/ 5 Self Help Groups Activity:

TMETUNNEL: "2013" / Past Times of my Life:

26.8.62 / 1 52 h One new Star was reborn, while the "Death of old Star" was death with the Earprotectionschield against PSI SMOG and Praenatal Trauma Resistance Energy1966 Kidsgarden in wellwaterspring of Life: in "Quelle" 1969- 1975 First/1. Schooltime on the Deafschool in Bielefeld1975 - 1981 Realschool for Heardamashed in Dortmund1986 - 1990 Abitur + Basic Study Certification of Psychology + Art on the experimental High School College "OS" at the Universtity Bielefeld 1990 - 2006 Diploma of Psychology and holistic Foundationconcept of: www.creative Orgon Lab. de/com2012 Second/ 2.. Sudy of Healthscience on Universtity Bielefeld and Center of interdiciplinarian Research (ZIF) to create empiric soft and hard Energy Diagnosis and the International healing Architecture Project of the GAIA EMBASSY as "Willow Palace: "Endless Eight of cosmic Eternity" of Powerplace and Communication Center PCC as Int..Live and Powerplace- Biotop Network Project to heal Mother Earth´s Powerlines all the Earthgrid and old and new Powerplaces long